Reviews Guidelines

Each and every section of these Reviews Guidelines (“Guidelines”) applies to Yoosbie Limited as both the company and its website (“Yoosbie” or “We”); to each separate business or individual offering sellable products that owns one or more claimed listings on Yoosbie (either individually as “Provider” or plural as “Providers”); to each registered or unregistered customer(s) browsing on Yoosbie (“Visitor(s)”); and to verified purchasers of products sold by Providers who leave star ratings or reviews on Yoosbie (“Reviewer(s)”) as a contractual and binding agreement, which becomes effective as of 29th March, 2019. By accessing, using, or adding content to any part of this website, each Visitor agrees to be bound by this Agreement and the related Privacy Policy.

Additional and important terminology can include a page or pages (claimed or unclaimed) created or posted by either Provider(s) or Yoosbie (“Listing(s)”); event tickets or otherwise bookable activities made available on Yoosbie by either Providers or Yoosbie (“Product(s)” or “Booking(s)”); images, video, uploaded documents, or text-driven communications made available on Listings or other Yoosbie website pages (“Content”); and either free or paid products offered by Yoosbie to Providers at the time the Listings are claimed (“Plan(s)”).


Yoosbie truly loves receiving feedback from its Reviewers, hearing about new experiences, and seeing contributions to our Providers in the form of ratings and reviews. Yoosbie sees these contributions adding tremendous value to the overall community; at the same time, the safety and reliability of the Yoosbie site is of primary importance.

General Guidelines for Reviewers

By reading the following Guidelines, each Reviewer and Provider agrees to abide by each applicable section while also confirming that any ratings or reviews deemed inappropriate (or in violation of the Guidelines) will be removed. At its sole discretion, Yoosbie reserves the right to either refrain from publishing or to remove any review or rating that contravenes these Guidelines:

  1. As a Reviewer, I have recently used or experienced the product or service supplied by the Provider.
  2. Each review is an original work; it is not fake, and has not been quoted, plagiarised, or duplicated outside of Yoosbie or its Providers.
  3. As a Reviewer, I am 16 (sixteen) years of age or older.
  4. As an independent Reviewer, I affirm that none of the following conflicts of interest apply to me:
    • Family member, friend, or other party directly related to the Provider receiving the review.
    • Recipient of monetary or reputational incentive to provide the review.
    • A business competitor of the Provider being reviewed.
    • Promoting a commercially-driven review.
    • A third party writing the review on behalf of any party who would be disqualified by the previous conflicts of interest.
  5. As a Reviewer, I agree to write a summary of an original experience that is easy to read and understand by the general public. I also agree to avoid irrelevant or unhelpful language that is largely composed of personal opinions (political, religious, racial, or social) or inappropriate language.
  6. As a Reviewer, I will not engage in defamatory or offensive speech, including (but not limited to) these examples: prejudicial statements, hate speech, profanity, threats, sexually explicit or insulting language.
  7. As a Reviewer, I will not describe, suggest, or participate in any illegal or invasive activities that impact other visitors or their privacy.

Other Important Information for Reviewers

  1. I agree to give Yoosbie my email address and create a safe password before providing a review.
  2. I agree that I am not using Yoosbie as a platform to boost my own viewership or enhance my reputation.
  3. I agree that I have provided correct contact details.
  4. If I want to report a problematic Listing, I will use the “Report” link on the Listing in question, and offer Yoosbie a necessary reason for this action.

See the full Terms of Use for Visitors.

Other Important Information for Providers

  1. If a review is posted about a Provider’s Listing or Product, Yoosbie will provide notification by emailing the Provider, using the email address recorded on the Provider’s listing.
  2. Each Provider will be held responsible for updating and reviewing its own business information for accuracy. Yoosbie recommends that Providers conduct a regular review of their own Listings, for accuracy and applicability.
  3. After logging in with a unique username and password, each verified Reviewer is allowed to submit a rating or review that is automatically published.
  4. As a Provider, please contact Yoosbie if you believe a review is incorrect or misleading. In your message, please supply details to support your claim, and indicate why you feel the review is incorrect or misleading. Yoosbie will analyse the Reviewer’s information, to determine whether the review is in compliance or if it is necessary to remove the review.

See the full Business Terms for Providers.


This page was last updated on 27th March, 2019.