Privacy Policy

Each and every section of this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to Yoosbie Limited as both the company and its website (“Yoosbie” or “We”); to each separate business or individual offering sellable products that owns one or more claimed listings on Yoosbie (either individually as “Provider” or plural as “Providers”); to each registered or unregistered customer(s) browsing on Yoosbie (“Visitor(s)”); and to verified purchasers of products sold by Providers who leave star ratings or reviews on Yoosbie (“Reviewer(s)”) as a contractual and binding agreement, which becomes effective as of March 29, 2019. By accessing, using, or adding content to any part of this website, each Visitor agrees to be bound by this Privacy Policy and the related Terms of Use.

Additional and important terminology can include a page or pages (claimed or unclaimed) created or posted by either Provider(s) or Yoosbie (“Listing(s)”); event tickets or otherwise bookable activities made available on Yoosbie by either Providers or Yoosbie (“Product(s)” or “Booking(s)”); and images, video, uploaded documents, or text-driven communications made available on Listings or other Yoosbie website pages (“Content”).


While this Policy describes the terms of information usage agreed to by each Visitor, Yoosbie retains the right to revise or update this Policy at will and without prior notice. As a Visitor, you agree to your responsibility to examine the Policy for any changes which apply to your use of Yoosbie.

A. General Terms

  1. As a Visitor, I confirm that I have read this Policy to understand how Yoosbie treats and protects the information it collects, processes, and stores from all Visitors and from the listed Providers. Yoosbie only collects information that seems necessary to deliver or improve services, products, and processes for our Visitors and Providers.

  2. As a Visitor, if I disagree with or do not accept any part of this Policy, I agree to stop accessing Yoosbie and immediately deactivate any of my Yoosbie-related accounts.

  3. Usage of Yoosbie and its related Policy, for both Visitor and third-party Provider alike, is governed by the laws of New Zealand. Any legal or privacy issues that cannot be resolved privately, between Yoosbie and its Visitors or Providers, shall be referred to mediation or arbitration under New Zealand jurisdiction.

  4. If any individual clause within this Policy is found as invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, Yoosbie agrees that such wording is deemed unenforceable, and will be omitted from this Policy. The remaining Policy will continue to be fully enforceable.

  5. Since Yoosbie can revise and publish any new version of the Policy without providing prior notice, we recommend that Visitors and Providers regularly review this Policy on Yoosbie; any usage is subject to the Policy’s most current version.

  6. For any questions, feedback, or complaints, please contact Yoosbie so we can investigate or resolve any potential breach of privacy regulations. We take this Policy seriously, and we want to help.

B. Information Collection

  1. Ultimately, your usage (as the Visitor or third-party Provider) directs the nature and type of information collected by Yoosbie. The scenarios depend on you, including these:
    • Information and content provided or shared by you via email, registration, web forms, or other means: name(s) and contact details, preferences, profiles on social media, responses, selections, media (images and videos), etc.

    • User feedback is reviewed internally. It can be appropriately used as data (in aggregate) to update or make improvements that impact each user’s experience.

    • When Visitors and Reviewers (see the Reviews Guidelines) provide applicable ratings and reviews, these may be published alongside Provider listings for others.

    • Contributing third-party information or Content: articles, blog posts, screenshots, or other electronic material on Yoosbie.

    • Provided credit card information, which is managed by established and reputable third-party sites. Other than when Yoosbie collects financial information required for the purchase of Products, Yoosbie does not gather or retain financial information – including purchase records, payments, and other financial interactions. We focus on our legal responsibility to our agents and partners, and the financial management of our business.
  2. This can also include platform-generated information:

    • Certain log data including your browser and network, device, date and time of access, time on pages visited (plus URLs), IP address, and any referral source(s).

    • Analytics user information via software showing the total traffic, network access points, and Yoosbie areas accessed.

    • Cookies stored in Visitors’ browsers (note: Yoosbie does not store personally identifiable information in the cookie).

    • Third-party operated social plugins that are capable of identifying and linking a Visitor’s identity to Yoosbie usage, as well as recording interactions.

  3. Yoosbie does not intentionally request personal information from anyone under the age of sixteen (16) years old. If a Visitor is identified as under the age of 16, any collected information will be deleted immediately.

C. Information Usage

  1. Collected information is used by Yoosbie in the following ways:

    • Account Management – mainly for access, authentication, registration, and customisation of Visitor accounts, including Listings, Products for purchase, e-commerce receipts and payments, and messaging.

    • Contact Details – any details, information, or transactions shared by Visitors, involving basic contact information  or Product requests, may be shared with relevant businesses or Providers who may choose to directly contact the Visitor.

    • General Communication – including various items of interest related to the overall Visitor experience: responses, notifications, newsletters, updates, etc.

    • Personalised Experience – including targeted advertisements, Content, social connections or referrals, reports, special offers, and other system messages. To unsubscribe from any unwanted emails or personalised messages, simply click on either the “Update your preferences” or the “Unsubscribe from this list” link in the footer of any received email to revise your preferred settings.

    • Business Communication – to assess the relevancy of your Provider’s listing against other Yoosbie Providers, to facilitate communications between you and relevant Providers, or to facilitate communications and services from third-party partners using plugins and other software aids increasing website features and functionality.

    • Internal Operations – to improve or develop functionality and user experience, test and troubleshoot software bugs, research and analyse usage trends, engage in data analysis, and prevent fraud and abuse.

    • Reviews – to manage and publish reviews posted or provided by Yoosbie Reviewers.

    • Marketing – to process and facilitate any legal and relevant  promotional materials or incentives (discounts, competitions, special offers, awards,  or surveys) and fulfill the end result of such offers, as well as direct marketing campaigns, advertisements, or newsletters.

    • Disputes – to strike a balance between legal compliance, dispute resolution, and necessary enforcement of Yoosbie Terms of Use and third-party contracts or obligations.

  2. While Yoosbie endeavors to abide by the privacy requirements set down in the geographical region of each Provider, and while Yoosbie’s policy is to avoid sharing (or selling) Visitors’ personal information without express permission, it may be necessary to provide such information to a relevant law enforcement agency upon request. Fulfillment of any request not received from an applicable or regionally appropriate law enforcement agency is not considered by Yoosbie to be either binding or necessary.

D. Cookie Usage

  1. Yoosbie does use cookies, which are small text files including very basic information about a Visitor’s online usage; these cookies are automatically loaded onto your computer and stored in the browser you use.
  2. Cookies track your visited pages for data analysis, customer support, product development, fraud detection, compliance, and to improve every Visitor’s experience. Related technologies, including a device ID, may lead to targeted advertising on third-party websites or on Yoosbie itself.

  3. Personal information is not stored in the cookie, but any Visitor who wishes can turn off cookies within the commonly used browser. This may affect or limit site functionality.

E. Informational Access, Privacy, Collection, Updates, and Security

  1. Access – As a Provider, Visitor or Reviewer, you can log in to your account to correct, change, or make updates to any stored information or Content: images, links, profile updates, reviews, and text. If your personal information is incorrect, please either log in and correct the personal details, or contact Yoosbie staff to sort out the issue.

  2. Deactivation – While a Provider, Visitor or Reviewer may deactivate an account at any time, some posts and reviews may remain publicly available on Yoosbie.

  3. Privacy – All Yoosbie staff understand the importance of protecting privacy, included in the confidentiality clauses of their employment contracts, and are aware of the latest version of the New Zealand Privacy Act and other Regulations.

  4. Personal or Sensitive Information – beyond health-related questions that may allow a provider to respond to a scheduled appointment, Yoosbie does not collect or store personal information relating to ethnicity, race, religion, political or other associations, or criminal records.
  5. Security and Protection – Visitor-provided information is stored on dedicated, secure servers housed in controlled hosting facilities, which are operated by thoroughly vetted third-party vendors. While no one can guarantee a 100% secure method or strategy for electronic transmission or storage, Yoosbie tirelessly updates and implements safety measures in protecting information offered through interaction on our site. By engaging in regular password updates and communication of abnormal trends on our site, every Visitor and Provider can promote safety for the Yoosbie community.

F. Business Changes to Yoosbie

  1. In the event that Yoosbie reorganises or shifts focus as a business through a merger or acquisition, a sale or a bankruptcy, it may become necessary to transfer or sell either parts or all of our assets; this may include personal information stored on business servers.
  2. Any Visitors or Providers who have offered their email address will be notified of this change, which may include a new or revised Policy.

  3. Yoosbie retains the future right and ability to provide new or similar services in countries other than New Zealand.
  4. While Yoosbie is committed to connecting Visitors, Reviewers, and Providers who offer valuable services, any service or Product can be modified, revised, or closed without liability for incurred losses attaching to Yoosbie.

G. Third-Party Websites and Links

  1. While Yoosbie may include Content referencing links, text, or advertisements to partners or Providers with Listings, Yoosbie does not claim any control or responsibility over these alternate websites.
  2. Visitors and Providers alike are encouraged to review the Privacy Policies governing any partners, listed Providers, or other businesses prior to creating accounts, engaging in online bookings, or other activities that may require the transfer or use of your personal information.

  3. It’s possible that Visitors may experience difficulties or suspicious behaviors associated with third-party websites or links. While Yoosbie does not monitor or claim responsibility over these third-party sites, please inform Yoosbie in a detailed email to regarding the specific area causing concern, so that Yoosbie staff can take appropriate action internally.


This page was last updated on 27th March, 2019.