Conduct Guidelines

Our Conduct Guidelines (“Code”) for Yoosbie Limited and the Yoosbie website (“Yoosbie”) sets expectations, both for the businesses listed on Yoosbie and for visitors using Yoosbie. This Code maintains the integrity of the platform, providing a beneficial experience for both business and visitor alike.

Unless otherwise specified, any mention of “I” or “my” will include expectations for both businesses (“Providers”) and Visitors as individuals engaging with Yoosbie. By reading this Code, both Providers and Visitors agree to abide by the following expectations.

Any breach in the Code may lead to either a warning or termination of service managed or provided by Yoosbie. For further information, see our Terms of Use.

Overall, courtesy and honesty will be our touchstones.

Code of Conduct

  1. I agree not to engage in any misdirection or harassment, intimidation, offensive or misleading behaviour toward each other or toward Yoosbie staff members at any time.
  2. I agree that my interactions will be timely, reasonable, responsive, and helpful so that my own and others’ reasonable expectations are met and intended objectives can be accomplished.
  3. I agree to honour both agreed-upon prices as well as any contracts or obligations created while on Yoosbie. Agreements made outside of Yoosbie are not subject to this Code.
  4. I agree to arrive on time for any appointments, bookable events or activities (“Products”) scheduled in advance.
  5. As a Provider, I agree to provide services marked by high quality that sufficiently match both provided descriptions and prevailing professional standards.
  6. I agree to fulfill the complete requirements for work or services in line with all Products and payment descriptions posted on Yoosbie.
  7. I agree to comply with all health and safety regulations that apply.
  8. I agree not to source the same Product via alternative means, or in any way avoid payments required for Products provided in good faith.
  9. I agree to follow Reviews Guidelines whenever I post reviews. I know that if I am in doubt of any review’s content, I can and will communicate this concern either to the person or to Yoosbie.
  10. I agree not to use Yoosbie as a means of mining data for personal or business information, or for driving down prices by unfairly bringing into competition any Provider’s services or products against those of another.
  11. If I see potentially inappropriate or offensive listing Content offered by a Provider, my first action will be to click on the Report link so that Yoosbie can investigate the Content in collaboration with the Provider.

If you have questions or concerns about reports of potential misconduct, contact Yoosbie. We are always glad to help.


This page was last updated on 27th March, 2019.