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Art & craft in New Zealand

Looking for an art and craft activity for your child? New Zealand has a wide range of art and craft classes and events on offer for kids of all ages. You can find heaps of activities for the kids all over New Zealand – from painting and drawing or textile, sewing and knitting, to leather and woodwork or metalwork and jewellery – there’s something for everyone. Get your kids into an arty or crafty activity or event today!

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Types of art & craft

Check out a range of great artistic activities and events for kids in New Zealand.

Painting and drawing

There are art teachers all over New Zealand that could teach your child the fundamentals of painting and drawing. Whether they’re a beginner or more advanced, there are plenty of opportunities to hone your child’s skills: art workshops, holiday classes, after school programs that could take your child’s dream of becoming an artist to the next level.

Let their imagination soar!

Pottery and sculpture

Kids love to get stuck into creating three-dimensional sculpture and ceramics, and there are plenty of talented folks to get them involved. Get them started with simple classes in modelling by hand, then they can progress to a potter’s wheel!

From creating sculptures in mixed media to glazing and firing their own pots, find the ideal course for your child today.

Textile and knitting

Sewing and knitting classes help kids discover the creativity of textile design, even for those as young as five or six years old.

A worthwhile hobby and an important life skill for younger kids and teens to develop, these classes and workshops will inspire their love for sewing, and can also teach better hand-to-eye coordination, patience, perseverance and problem solving.

Leather and woodwork

Woodworking or working with leather can help your child improve their sensory skills and muscular strength, as well as in learning to solve problems through observing, predicting and experimenting.

Let’s get your kids to learn to share and cooperate with others through joining some great leather and woodwork classes around New Zealand.

Metalwork and jewellery

From metalwork and decorative art to jewellery design and fashion, the Yoosbie website has a wide range of cool, crafty classes for kids, many of which require them to master patience, determination and skill.

Creating products that they can be proud of can boost your children’s self esteem hugely. Browse our classes, events and workshops to inspire your budding artisans!


Handicrafts are great social activities that inspire and encourage kids to express their creativity. There is an enormous range of craft materials to choose from too: from paper to clay, from candle wax to glassware.

Children enjoy the tactile fun that crafting brings, and it’s double the fun with friends.  Whatever form it takes, find the ideal handicraft for kids on Yoosbie!

Art & craft

Featured events in New Zealand

Upcoming art and craft events in New Zealand to inspire your artistic kids.

New Zealand is home to a thriving, exciting arts scene, and one which caters to children particularly well, whatever their ages and abilities.

Getting your kids involved with the arts is a wonderful way to inspire their thinking and allow them to explore a wide variety of sensations and materials.

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