Booking Terms

Each and every section of this Booking Terms Agreement (“Booking Agreement”) applies to Yoosbie Limited as both the company and its website (“Yoosbie” or “We”); to each separate business or individual offering sellable products that owns one or more claimed listings on Yoosbie (either individually as “Provider” or plural as “Providers”); to each registered or unregistered customer(s) browsing on Yoosbie (“Visitor(s)”); and to verified purchasers of products sold by Providers who leave star ratings or reviews on Yoosbie (“Reviewer(s)”) as a contractual and binding agreement, which becomes effective as of March 29, 2019. By accessing, using, or adding content to any part of this website, each Visitor agrees to be bound by this Booking Agreement and the related Privacy Policy.

Additional and important terminology can include a page or pages (claimed or unclaimed) created or posted by either Provider(s) or Yoosbie (“Listing(s)”); event tickets or otherwise bookable activities made available on Yoosbie by either Providers or Yoosbie (“Product(s)” can also be referred to as “Booking(s)”); images, video, uploaded documents, or text-driven communications made available on Listings or other Yoosbie website pages (“Content”); and any non-refundable commission percentage or administrative service charge (“Service Charge”) included in Products and retained by Yoosbie.


While this Booking Agreement describes the terms and restrictions agreed to by each Visitor, Yoosbie retains the right to revise or update this Booking Agreement at will and without prior notice. So as a Visitor, you agree to your responsibility to regularly examine this Booking Agreement for any changes which apply to your use of Yoosbie.

A. General Terms

  1. As a Visitor, I acknowledge that I am a person over sixteen (16) years of age. Further, I have read and agreed to be bound by Yoosbie’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy while using Yoosbie and its related Providers, and during the course of this Booking Agreement.

  2. I agree that my Visitor’s use of Yoosbie and its Terms and Conditions are subject to and governed by the laws of New Zealand.

  3. As with Yoosbie’s Terms of Service, if any clause of the Booking Agreement is found to be legally invalid or unenforceable, Yoosbie agrees that the specific invalid, illegal, or unenforceable wording shall be deemed as omitted from the Booking Agreement, while the remaining language continues to be fully enforceable.

  4. Since Yoosbie reserves the right to change any or all of the Booking Agreement by publishing the most current version without specific notice to Visitors, I agree that my usage of any part of Yoosbie or its Listings will be subject to the most current version.

B. Commercial Relationship

  1. As a Visitor, I acknowledge that Yoosbie is a facilitator in the process of connecting potential customers with bookable activities and events supplied by Providers. I understand that when I initiated the Booking function, Yoosbie provided the platform for Providers to offer online Bookings to me, while all Listing, contact, and Product details are retained solely by the Provider.
  2. I acknowledge that since the Products listed on Yoosbie are supplied by the Providers, any Bookings made by me through Yoosbie are fulfilled by the Providers, which retain responsibility and liability for delivering those services on a timely basis. Yoosbie does not recommend, endorse, or retain liability for any of the Providers (or their services) allowed to list Products on the Yoosbie site.
  3. I acknowledge that Yoosbie, acting as an agent on behalf of the Providers, is responsible only for matching and facilitating contact between Visitor and Provider, and maintaining functionality of the third-party booking software providers and payment gateways (the Online Booking System).
  4. As a Visitor voluntarily providing information, I agree that it is my sole responsibility to ensure that the requested services offered by the Provider(s) are appropriate to all my needs. I will refer to Yoosbie’s Terms of Use for more information about reliance on information and content provided by Providers.
  5. I agree to retain sole responsibility for making sure that I have provided correct, appropriate, and current information that is not misleading in any way.
  6. If any dispute arises regarding a Product or work provided, I agree with Yoosbie that the dispute will be resolved between me and the Provider, without Yoosbie taking the side of any party.
  7. As a consumer and a Visitor, I retain legal rights regarding services or Products that Providers have not delivered accurately, timely, or as described.
  8. In certain circumstances and for various reasons, I agree that Providers listed on Yoosbie may be unable to provide a Booking.
  9. I agree to abide by Yoosbie’s Code of Conduct.

C. Cancellations or Refund Requests

  1. As a Visitor, if I have requested a Product or service that I no longer require or desire, I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the Provider within forty-eight (48) hours by email, and arrange for any cancellations, replacements, or refund requests. I understand that if I initiate a cancellation request of a Product or Booking, Yoosbie will charge me a 10% cancellation fee to cover credit card processing and administration costs.
  2. If I need to revise or update my request for a Product or Booking, I will directly contact the Provider involved.
  3. I understand that Yoosbie will remain uninvolved in requests for revised or cancelled Products, and that Yoosbie does not bear responsibility for the outcome of any request between a Visitor and a Provider.

D. Dispute Resolution

  1. Each Provider retains its own responsibility for delivery of any requested Product or Booking.
  2. As a Visitor, if I am unhappy with a Provider-initiated cancellation or an experience that does not match the Provider’s Listing or Product description, I agree to directly contact the Business and try to resolve outstanding issues.
  3. If Yoosbie is notified that the Provider has misrepresented the nature of their business, a service, or a Booking, Yoosbie retains the right to place the Provider’s Listing(s) and Product(s) on hold, pending an internal investigation.

E. Warranties and Limitation of Liability

  1. Yoosbie does not retain responsibility for any costs, expenses, losses, or damages occurred by any Visitors who access, use, or rely on any part of the Content or Products offered by the Providers on Yoosbie.

  2. As a Visitor, I agree that Yoosbie is to be held harmless (as well as its employees, officers, directors, and partners) from any damage, loss, or liability that I incurred by using or accessing Yoosbie’s site. Yoosbie is indemnified against any damages I suffered while making or requesting a service from a Provider.

  3. Yoosbie does not offer any warranties or guarantees regarding any of the Providers, their quality or appropriateness, their associated services, or their products or activities. Yoosbie does not claim responsibility for any claims or losses, costs or expenses related to online Bookings or the Providers’ associated Content and Products.

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This page was last updated on 27th March, 2019.