Launching Yoosbie!

This week is super exciting for us – it’s the week we launch Yoosbie out into the world 🙂

The team have been cranking away for months on end to create our website and we’re excited to be able to finally share it with you.

What’s it all about?

Yoosbie came about when we decided to create a company that would help parents to access great activities for their children, so they grow healthy and sociable, interacting and forming strong bonds with their local community.

We also wanted to make sure that we are able to do our bit to get kids who are less fortunate into activities that stimulate them too. The costs associated with some activities can be prohibitive to families on tight budgets, after all. Giving back was baked right in to our business model from the outset.

Want to lend a hand?

Here are some ways to get involved in our mission to get kids off the devices and out into the world:

  • Suggest a great activity that other parents and their kids should know about, so we can list it on Yoosbie.
  • Add your business to our directory. It’s completely free to list your company and start selling your activities on Yoosbie.
  • Get in touch with us if you would like to become a Blog writer – we love featuring independent reviews, opinion, tips and tricks and articles about kids on the Yoosbie Blog.

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