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Our mission is to help provide kids with great activities that allow them to put their use of technology in perspective. We’re big believers in modern technology as an amazing tool for bringing people together (otherwise we wouldn’t have built this website), not as a convenient way of keeping the nippers quiet.

And in this respect, as much as it is a company, Yoosbie could also be thought of as a grassroots movement. Our team is largely made up of parents, and many of us have battled for years to help our children to avoid the pitfalls of excessive use of technology and the internet. We hope you’ll join us!

Our values

What we stand for

Off the devices

We believe mobile devices are a great tool for connection. We also believe that nothing beats real human connection.

Healthy & active

We want to help kids find ways to be healthy and active, because we know that it's fundamental to how kids develop properly.


Communities can move mountains. We want to help promote the power of community to help make a positive difference.

Giving back

Helping those who are at a disadvantage makes the whole group stronger. We support initiatives that do exactly that.


Doing what we can to make sure the future is bright for those to come is deeply embedded in our way of working.


Race, colour and creed are merely labels to box people in: we actively promote tolerance and inclusion, irrespective of these labels.

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